Gokinjo Monogatari, Volume 6

Chapter 25: The Thing Called 'Happiness'

Ayumi asks a late-arriving Yuusuke if something has happened between him and Body-ko. He rushes off to find her, and arrives at the fashion show in time to see Risa's group's rock-concert staging of their wild animal/fake fur designs. He talks to Shintarou as Mikako and Pii-chan's group presents their marier designs, but Mikako's dress takes everyone's breath away.

Body-ko is back together with Shuu-chan because she can't stand to be alone. She tells Yuusuke she wants to be happy like everyone else. He says he wanted to make her happy, but couldn't. "Please... become happy," he tells her as they part.

Mikako's class is relieved that the fashion show is over at last, but they're all still a little nervous as they await the results. Hama-chan supervises the counting of the ballots, and as she predicted, Mikako is the Grand Prix winner.

Mikako is happy that she can finally spend more time with Tsutomu.

Chapter 26: Study in London

Mikako is in the bathroom when it is announced that she has won the Grand Prix. Risa's group missed first place in the group category by only four votes.

Principal Yazawa tells Risa and Mikako have been chosen to receive a scholarship to study fashion design in London. Risa declines because she doesn't want to leave Takeshi, and this dampens Mikako's enthusiasm as she realizes she doesn't want to leave Tsutomu.

That night, the neighbors throw a party for Mikako at the Blue Parrot, but Tsutomu is working late at the atelier. Mikako leaves the party early and goes to Tsutomu's. He gives her a set of Happy Berry earrings he made, and says "I don't care how my life goes...as long as you're there, it's all right." Mikako thinks, I'm sorry, Hama-chan, Principal, but I want to be with Tsutomu after all.

Chapter 27: The Thing Called 'Adulthood'

In Tsutomu's room, Tsutomu and Mikako make love. However, they're forced to cover up quickly when their parents come home. Mikako's suspicious mother finds them innocently playing with Tarot cards in the dark. Ruriko whisks Mikako home. Toku-chan says to Tsutomu, "It's a good thing Ruriko didn't see that," pointing to a condom on the floor. Tsutomu protests, but Toku-chan seriously tells him to grow up; Mikako is depending on him, too.

Mikako decides to turn down the scholarship, but Hama-chan tells her to talk it over with Tsutomu. Seiji tells Mikako she's acting like a spoiled child, not a fashion designer.

Pii-chan, Risa, Jirou, and Ayumi are shocked to learn that Body-ko quit school half a month ago. Ayumi goes to Yuusuke's apartment to tell him to try again with Body-ko. Yuusuke has a bad cold, so Ayumi takes care of him. He tells her that he and Body-ko were no good for each other and goes to bed.
Yuusuke: "Be happy. I'm all yours now."
Ayumi:"I don't need it. I'm not happy."

"Tell me 'Don't go!' and I won't go. I want to stay with you! So tell me, before I make up my mind," Mikako begs Tsutomu.

Body-ko cries as she cuts up photographs of herself with Yuusuke.

Chapter 28: The Thing Called 'Independence'

Mikako has Seiji cut her hair short and dye it pink. She tells Tsutomu she has decided not to go to London and is disappointed when he isn't delighted. He still won't say "Don't go" to her.

Mikako goes to the Blue Parrot for comfort but gets a shock instead when she meets Toku-chan's fiancee Michiyo. As she loses one "big brother," she gets closer to Seiji, who softens his earlier stance and tells her she should concentrate on what's most important to her right now.

Mikako tells Tsutomu, "I've decided not to go. You're the most important thing in my life. He's a little upset, but just then, they run into Body-ko. Mikako sends Tsutomu on alone while she has a heart-to-heart talk with her. Body-ko says that at the time, she was hoping Yuusuke would stop her from dropping out of school, but now she's glad he didn't. Mikako says she's happy and very much in love, but Body-ko warns her that she's placing pressure on Tsutomu by depending on him. Mikako suddenly realizes that her going to London might relieve Tsutomu of a burden.

Chapter 29: Seventeen Years

Mikako remembers how Tsutomu has always been her friend.

Tsutomu visits Mikako's father, who reassures him that he's doing the right thing. Mikako's father was impressed by Tsutomu's photographs at the school festival, and invites him to become his assistant. Tsutomu eagerly accepts.

That night, it is discovered that Mikako is missing (again). Over the telephone, Body-ko tells Tsutomu what she told Mikako, but Tsutomu says "I never thought of her as a burden! I only wanted to make her happy!" Tsutomu finally finds Mikako at her old hiding place, inside the elephant at the park, and she feels grateful for the seventeen years of love Tsutomu has given her.

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