Gokinjo Monogatari, Volume 5

Side Story: Colorful

A shy girl tells the story of how her misfit junior high school classmate, Mikako Kouda, inspired her and made her life "colorful." Special appearance by Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai's Shuuichi Takigawa.

Chapter 21: The Sparkling Alien

Akindo finishes the atelier just before school starts and they have to start planning their big projects for the school festival.

Mikako is startled by the "sparkling alien" (kirakira seijin) in her home; he turns out to be Seiji Kisaragi, her mother's new assistant. At first, she feels like he's coming between her mother and herself, but he's a graduate of YazaGaku, and she comes to like him.

Chapter 22: Afternoon Mera-mera Girl

Mikako is grouped with classmates Pii-chan, Nonchan, Shimamoto, and Haru for the fashion show at the school festival. They decide their theme will be marier, or wedding dresses.

Tsutomu warns Seiji not to hurt Mikako and her mother.

Ayumi notices that Yuusuke is cutting classes to spend time with Body-ko, and she writes him a letter expressing her feelings--more than feeling jealous, she is sad to see his artwork suffer.

Mikako and Tsutomu cut class to make out on the school grounds, but they end up fighting because she feels guilty about missing class and he's upset to learn that Seiji did her hair that morning. Hama-chan assigns Mikako's group 100 style drawings, due the next day, as punishment for Mikako's tardiness.

Chapter 23: The Thing Called 'Life'

Mikako is having a lousy day, but her group cheers her up with a show of support, and Risa sends her a message of encouragement on her beeper.

The next day, Mikako and Tsutomu make up, but Tsutomu still looks unhappy as he walks away. Body-ko tells Yuusuke she's decided to drop out of school and go back home to Yokohama. "So I won't be able to see you anymore. Take care... Thank you for everything up to now."

Tsutomu sits at the bar of the Blue Parrot and tells Toku-chan he's tired of being strung along by Mikako all his life.

Meanwhile, Mikako fantasizes about her wedding as she makes her dress for the fashion show.

Chapter 24: Festival

Everyone comes for the first day of the school festival. Tsutomu is photographing the event. Toku-chan, remembering Tsutomu's words the other day, is surprised to see Tsutomu and Mikako kissing.

Hama-chan tells Seiji she has high hopes for Mikako, and asks him to take Mikako with him when he goes to London to study.

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