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Konbanwa! Bishounen Hunter Sumire desu! Here I'm presenting my ever-expanding collection of Japanese bishounen fanart/doujinshi links for your eyes only.

No Japanese software? Not a problem. My computer can't handle Japanese either. That's why I try to link to the picture gallery pages as much as possible. However (and you probably already know this), you can figure out what the links are by holding your pointer over the link and reading the URL. If you're on a main index page, you'll be looking for something called "gallery," "illustrations," or "cg." Since these words get altered and abbreviated in Japanese, they might end up as "gyararii," "irasuto," "ira," "garo" (this is a Japanese loanword for gallery), or some such thing. If the URL ends in ".cgi," it's probably a link to a guestbook or bulletin board.

How is the word yaoi used here? Yaoi is male homosexual love stuff. In some circles, yaoi indicates hardcore sexual content, but I use it here merely to indicate that there are two guys in the picture who could be construed as being attracted to each other. Why? 'Cause it takes too long to type "shounen ai."


What? You don't know Angelique?! Okay, actually, nobody does. As far as I know, it's a kind of fantasy/RPG/dating video game for women, in which you're Angelique and there are all these gorgeous bishounen representing your basic bishounen types (tall, dark & handsome, tall, fair and handsome, long hair, short hair, shota-con bait, etc.) around you. They help you in your quest to become Queen of Wherever, but you can play it to fall in love and just live happily ever after with one of the guys instead. Said one Japanese fan, "Why can't Angelique become queen and keep all the guys in her harem?" Sorry, folks, I suspect this is symbolic of the struggles of the modern woman.

Koei's Angelique Page The genuine, official thing. Good pics are hard to find, though. 2 1/2 strawberries for being cluttered and slow.

Zozoneezu A mix, but some very nice Angelique pics here. Bonus! I just found some yaoi pics hidden here. The pics are rather small, though, so I give it 4 strawberries.

Dirac House If you look around this site, you might stumble across the rather bizarre yaoi puppet show. Also try here for undressed Angelique men cut off below the navel--you might miss it otherwise. The beautiful semi-nudes elevate this to 4 1/2 strawberries.

Afetto A bunch of excellent Angelique pics. Something compells me to give this site 4 strawberries.

Cotton Candy Very nice CGs and neat animation. 4 strawberries (but only if you have Shockwave Flash).

Angel-Ya Angelique World The gallery is here, but there are also illustrations for the stories here. Some nice CGs. Contains girls (Angelique). 4 strawberries because I like the romantic guy/girl pics.

Disposition A few Angelique pics, some of them mildly Y-suggestive. The art is competent and the Y-content is nice, but something about the faces makes me only give this 3 1/2 strawberries.

Michellgun from the Punchbowl Gallery is here. You can see pictures of individual characters a few steps from here. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Eclipse The Angelique gallery is here. She also has a Sei-Lan Museum 3 1/2 strawberries.

Ryuuko's Museum Some interesting pics made by altering photos here. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Kya's Home Dark-Side Take the link below WHAT'S NEW and check out the semi-nudes. ^_^ (The rest of the page seems to be strange little cartoons, with what looks like Jigoku Sensei Nuube.) 3 1/2 strawberries for being hard to navigate.

K.S. & W.About a dozen pretty Angelique pics. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Bikei Sukisuki Dohyadohya Club say WHAT?! Oh, well, a few nice Angelique pics here. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Blue Drops Pictures are located here and here. Nice drawing, but the CG coloring is a little heavy-handed in a few, and not all thumbnails are linked to a larger image. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Gang Children Underground There's a picture on every page, but the actual gallery is here. Cosplay pics, too! The art's not that great, but there's lots of it, and I like this kind of page design, so 3 strawberries.

Kobayashi's page Varying pics by different artists. The ones that begin with "sa" are way better than the "yun" ones, IMO. 3 strawberries.

Uri & Aria & Mari's page A nice gallery is located here. 3 strawberries.

Piruru Paradise The main gallery is here. SD pics and things are here and here. 3 strawberries, although that may be a smidge too high.

Angelique pics at Jiyuu Jikan

Pandora Nice, professional-looking work, but because the elongated faces scare me, I'm only giving it 2 1/2 strawberries.

Angel Street Pretty good, if amateurish, Angelique pics at the two links with pictures by them. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Heaven's Gate A number of so-so CG pics of Randy and some online comics. The animated gifs and gift pictures raise this to 2 1/2 strawberries.

Anje Gakuen Some funny little cartoons and quite cute icons of some of the characters. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Angel Gate Angelique pics. Lots of thumbnails, and all the pics on one page, so it loads slowly. More quantity than quality, so I give it 2 1/2 strawberries.

Balhalla The frames make it confusing, but there are skillfully drawn pics with bad resolution *all* over the place. Also has Slam Dunk pics. Explore! 2 1/2 strawberries.

Atelier Sarry Angelique pics by various artists--gallery here. Uneven work makes me give this only 2 strawberries.

Uri no Uraheya A *few* Angelique yaoi-ish things. 2 strawberries.

Angel Time A few gift pics are here. 2 strawberries.

Final Fantasy/Misc. Games

C-Show's Room FFVII, EVA, and other fan art. Very beautiful, and in English. Also contains pics of girls. 4 1/2 Strawberries for quality, quantity, and English. If it were just a little more bishounen-y, I'd give it a full five marks.

tomcats A wide variety of FFVII pics.You want the 9th link, "kijin," and then scroll down to the "kijin" parts for a bishounen overload. The non-kijin sections contain crude but cute doodles. 4 strawberries for nice work in abundance, with a smattering of yaoi.

Himitsu Club Moody, dreamlike pics, some FFVII. Both links contain good stuff. I love it when they illustrate their fanfics. 4 strawberries.

Ura no Kaze Makase Club The second link, "museum," has about a dozen yaoi/suggestive pics. It's actually a mixed bag, but the presence of some unambiguous yaoi pics makes me give this 4 strawberries.

Shigatsu no Aquarium: Final Fantasy fanart by many different artists; some yaoi, some girls. Again, it's a mixed bag, but the quantity and overall quality, plus certain gorgeous pictures, make me give it 4 strawberries.

Mizuumi ni Ukabu Shima. FFVII illustrations done as gifts for other pages (I think). 4 strawberries for linking to those pages.

Lunar Park A collection of FFVII CG, some suggestive, some downright sexual. I'll give it 3 1/2 strawberries, but if you're looking for cheap thrills, it's a 4 1/2.

Yukidaruma Company Quite good FFVII and other illustrations and doujinshi covers. There's something wrong with the page that makes you have to scroll sideways to see the pictures. 3 1/2 strawberries for having pictures of girls on it.

Secret GardenA variety of sometimes amateurish FFVII pics, a few yaoi, contains girls. There are some 5-strawberry pictures in here, but the gallery as a whole averages out to only 3 1/2 strawberries.

Janus Mugen Side Some very crude, some very beautiful, some very yaoi to the extent that I would not want my mother to see them. 3 1/2 strawberries.

Maniax. Some pretty good pics of FF and Kindaichi Shounen. 3 strawberries.

Game Illustration Plaza? Yaoi, but not that good. The gift pictures are marginally better. DON'T LOOK, MOM! 3 strawberries.

Kokuhakosha? Not much but it's Yaoi. FFVII pics here. 3 strawberries.

Redrum FFVII and others, mostly hentai, some regular, but oddly enough, there's a Sephiroth x Cloud pic in the regular gallery. Also, if you've ever wanted to see Cloud and Tifa do it, you can here. (Also contains EVA pics.) I give it 3 strawberries, but I'd rate it higher if it weren't for all the hentai. DON'T LOOK, MOM!

Ladies Room a handful of FFVII pics. Pretty good--3 strawberries.

Lucky Planet A few yaoi illustrations. A few more illustrations here. 3 strawberries for three pictures worth looking at.

P-ko no Chiisa na Seichi One great pic of Julious and Clavis. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Snow Storm A couple of yaoi gift pics. 2 1/2 strawberries.

FFVII gallery at Reito-HP. An fairly large collection of mostly amateurish fanart. Contains girls. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Water Grave is mostly broken and Water Shadow only has two, but they're suggestive. 2 1/2 strawberries.

Start from Scratch's Rakugaki Gallery Cloud and a few other sketchy boys. 2 1/2 strawberries for low quantity.

Private Room FFVII and other pics. The other pics raise this page to 2 1/2 strawberries.

108 A few pictures. 2 1/2 strawberries.

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