(Translated by sumire from an article in the October 1998 Animedia)

Declaration of a Plan for the New Century!

Takehito Koyasu-san Produces
In addition to his ability as a voice actor, Koyasu-san proved his talent as a creator with Weiß. He and this magazine are challenged by a new plan to turn towards the 21st century.

The opening of the first planning meeting. "What is the new century"?

Koyasu: It's almost the 21st century. This "new century" is very good as a pause, isn't it. You decide, "From here on, it's a new century, so let's try doing our lives over." You can reset it with a positive meaning.

Oda: Yes. It's a big turning point that only occurs once every hundred years. Koyasu-san, by all means, let's start something together to turn Animedia towards the 21st century. Actually, ever since I asked you all kinds of things at a Dagwon video event, I've thought, "It would be nice if something comes of his sense."

Koyasu: What's so great about me?

Oda: Your clarity, maybe. I thought, if there's something he doesn't like, he'll say so, and for things he wants to do, he'll stick with it for better or worse until the end. And actually, now Weiß that you created and produced is very popular. Since Weiß has led to a series of projects, and you were able to do something big, how is it?

Koyasu: When I did Weiß, I had absolute confidence. The accepted theory was "Even if you make a serious CD drama, it just won't sell. Only comedy sells," but I thought, if it's Weiß, it'll surely sell.

Oda: What was the basis for your confidence? Did you have some kind of theoretical backing?

Koyasu: No, probably not. I was just convinced, maybe. But up until now, I've never been wrong when I've thought something was going to be all right. For instance, this idol is going to be popular, and things like that.

Oda: I see. So that's the real reason Weiß was a hit.

Koyasu: Yes. Everyone who recognized "Serious drama can be interesting, too" bought it. And then we got requests, "I want to hear more"... I was happy to think, "So, you can overturn fixed concepts and preconceptions."

Oda: Great. For Animedia, let's break the mold and start something novel. I'm aiming at raising sales by 100,000.

Koyasu: Roger. So, what shall we do? It would be nice to create a new, charming work, but...

Oda: It's sudden, but turning to a new project, I was thinking of something called "Takehito Koyasu-Strenghtening Monthly."

Koyasu: Oh, are you going to strengthen me?

Oda: That's right. To my way of thinking, to create a good work, it's basic to enrich both mind and body. First I want you to train yourself. The keyword for the new century is, well... (thinks for a minute) Yes! Let's make it "spirit." Because spirit is what manages the latent power within people.

Koyasu: "Spirit"?

Oda: Well, to put it concretely, doing things like Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan... Also, considering strength as well as spirit, it would be good to try martial arts as well. Do you have any experience with martial arts?

Koyasu: Correspondence courses in Shourinji Kenpo. (laughs) Well, actually, I was always a "baseball boy," so I've never done anything but baseball.

Oda: Hm hm. At any rate, how about at the beginning, trying Zen meditation at a temple and measuring the fullness of your mind.

Koyasu: It's good to enter with the mind first. I agree. By the way, Oda-san, you're going to do this with me, right?

Oda: doki Okay. So, let's leave right away to find clues about the new plan within Zen!

Koyasu: Okay! Let's go for it!

The planning meeting ended like this, and it turned into a journey to get ideas. What will it turn out to be? We want all our readers to come along with them.

Koyasu-san's clothes: He's wearing all black in a black-and-white picture, so it's a little hard to see, but he appears to be wearing a black short-sleeved shirt or sweater unbuttoned over a black Converse All-Stars T-shirt and black leather pants. For accessories, he has a Versace belt, a Weiß bracelet-style wristwatch, and a big pendant in the shape of a double cross with what might be roses on it. The watch is a piece of Weiß tie-in merchandising; I'm not sure about the pendant.

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