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Ad Libitum (http://village.infoweb.ne.jp/~yusa/index.htm)
Full of Shockwave things that I alternately find cool and annoying, with event and radio reports.Contains an event report on the Osaka concert.
(checked 3/17/99)

Akubi bannerAkubi (TEXT ONLY) (http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~nagi/akubi/index.html)
Contains an event report on the Osaka concert.
(checked 3/17/99)

ASSASIN'S MANUAL (TEXT ONLY) (http://www02.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/qb3/madoka-o/index.html)
Fanfics. Shutting down April 30, plans to launch a new Weiss webpage on June 1.
(checked 4/19/99)

Distorted Labyrinth bannerDistorted Labyrinth (TEXT ONLY) (http://www1.odn.ne.jp/~cab45480/)
Character and seiyuu profiles. Also has a lists of works for Takehito Koyasu and Shinichiro Miki.

Erlosung bannerErlosung (http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~W-k/)
A Yoji x Ken page with short stories and stuff. There's one picture on the main page.

ES (TEXT ONLY) (http://member.nifty.ne.jp/ELS/)
Some stuff like this person's favorite scene from each TV episode.

Hashiriya (http://hg.t.u-shizuoka-ken.ac.jp/homepage/hashiriya/default.htm)
The usual information, plus a collection of psychological tests from the radio show.

Katze bannerKatze (http://member.nifty.ne.jp/nomade/KATZE.HTML)
A wealth of information on CDs, goods, and events. Also has some cute little caricatures of the seiyuu and characters by their profiles.

Koneko no Sumu Ie: Yokohama Shiten bannerKoneko no Sumu Ie: Yokohama Shiten (http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~kreuz/)
Weiss info, including a set of doujinshi-style character illustrations. Also home to a Shinichiro Miki page.
(checked 4/19/99)

Koneko no Sumu Kuni (http://www3.cds.ne.jp/~onisan/voice/koneko/index.html)
Japanese bulletin boards and chatrooms for Weiss, EMU, Angelique, and related topics. A division of
Seiyuu Paradise. (checked 1/12/99)

Limelight bannerLimelight (http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~sorano/)
The "Kitten's House" section has an alphabetical (or hiraganical) encyclopedia of all things Weiss.

Madchen (TEXT ONLY) (http://plaza14.mbn.or.jp/~yumeno/index.htm)
Now this is unexpected--a cute page focused on the girls in Weiss Kreuz. There are a few fanfics and a bulletin board.

M's Saloon bannerM's Saloon--Weiß section (http://www.netlaputa.ne.jp/~chicory/miki/weib.html)
A drawing of each character and *tons* of radio show reports.

Nejimaki Wonderland (TEXT ONLY) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Dice/3839/)
A Weiss and Hiro Yuuki page.
(added 3/8/99)

Pitagoras Saurus (TEXT ONLY) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Denei/2539/)
A page with a few Ken & Omi stories.
(added 3/10/99)

Weiß page at Rettsu Gekigain (TEXT ONLY) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/MotorCity/2488/weib.html)
TV episode titles and the author's feelings on various topics.

The Road to Weiß (TEXT ONLY) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Spade/5793/)

Seiyuu Database BannerSeiyuu Database's Weiß page (http://www1.yk.rim.or.jp/~magi/sayyou/database/weib.html)
This has one photo and links to seiyuu pages. However, they put the wrong URL in the links, so when you get the "404 Not Found" message, change the end of the URL from .html to .shtml (stupid mistake, but an easy one to make.)

Skelton in the Closet bannerSkelton in the Closet (TEXT ONLY) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Denei/8906/)
Weiss Kreuz short stories.

Spaß (TEXT ONLY) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/6145/menu.htm)
Weiss event schedules, goods lists, and other stuff. Hasn't been updated since February, though.
(checked 4/19/99)

Tenshi to Ochakai (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Spade/3768/index.html)
A page with an online Youji & Omi 'zine.
(checked 4/19/99)

Weiß Kreuz fan no page (TEXT ONLY) (http://www02.so-net.or.jp/~kazuo/)
The usual stuff, with an especially good character section.
(4/19/99: down?)

The Weiß Mailing List Page (TEXT ONLY) (http://www02.u-page.so-net.or.jp/ba2/adeos/weib-ml/)
A Japanese mailing list I don't belong to.
(4/19/99: down?)

Yappy House (http://www.hk.airnet.ne.jp/yappy/2/index.html)
The Weiss section is rather out of date, but it has profiles of Tomokazu Seki and Hiro Yuuki, as well as some Weiss fanfics.
(checked 4/19/99)

Yuusei Magic bannerYuusei Magic (TEXT ONLY) (http://plaza23.mbn.or.jp/~amorin/)
Has an interesting
Weiss section that lists anime/games/dramas in which two or more members of Weiss appear. All four of them were in Love Angel Wedding Peach. Isn't that scary? (checked 3/18/99)

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